Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Making of Freestyle Music of Steffen Peters and Ravel

After the Freestyle performance at Aachen 2011, many dressages media agreed that the U.S.-rider, Steffen Peters and Ravel were the real winner at the Show. We found this interesting article from Dressage-News where they takes us to see how the music was composed in combination of the orchestra, singers and a choir. And surprisingly, the freestyle music was based on the AVATAR movie!

More stories here (via Dressage News)

Steffen Peters and Ravel won the second place in Freestyle Grand Prix at Aachen 2011 at 82.000%.  See their performance here 

The Slovakia orchestra recording the new freestyle for Steffen Peters and Ravel based on music from the movie, Avatar. Photo courtesy of Ondrej Puffler/

Sample Soundtracks from Avatar Movie:

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