Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nina Ligon and Paddy leading on Dressage day at Pardubice CCI3* in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Pardubice 2011 Equestrian Event Brochure. Photo courtesy of Parducbice Racecourse

Nina Ligon and Tipperary Liadhnan on Dressage day in Pardubice CCI 3*.
Photo courtesy of Šárka Bělohlavová/Parducbice Racecourse

Nina Ligon and Paddy (aka Tipperary Liadhnan ) now on the lead on the first day in Dressage at Pardubice CCI 3*, Czech Republic with the score 46.4 (69.10%). For another class in CIC 3*, Nina and Jazz King are now on the third place from top with score 50.3 (66.54%). 

Result CCI 3* Dressage Day 
Result CIC 3* Dressage Day 

Tomorrow will be the Cross Country day. 

"The xc course looks both bold and twisty. It is run across the Pardubice Race Course/Steeplechase Track, so there are plenty of big hedges and ditches... followed by u-turns." mentioned by Nina in her Facebook page.

Stay tune for results and updates tomorrow!

CCI 3* Course Plan:

(click to zoom)

CIC 3* Course Plan:

(click to zoom)

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For more information about Czech Republic Pardubice 2011 Equestrian Event, click here

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