Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FEI WJC FINAL 2013 (Day 1): Draw of the horses & Warm-up competition 115cm

Live report from Team Thailand at FEI World Jumping Challenge FINAL 2013, Caracas, Venezuela (End of Day 1)

Siengsaw are training with her draw horse Templario at FEI WJC Final 2013. They are in Warm-up competition yesterday at 115cm, 1 fence down at Fence 3. The ones to watch - riders from Colombia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia.

The 1st qualifier for Semi-Final 120cm will be on today! Finger crossed!

Caracas, here I come!!

Thai Jumper Siengsaw Lertratanachai and Templario in Warm-up arena. Photo courtesy of Onuma Vechkun/Siamsport.

Siengsaw and her Coach Akkasit Tiatrakul, former Thai National Team

 Draw of the horses in the morning. Photo courtesy of Onuma Vechkun/Siamsport.

Atmosphere of Caracas Country Club

Competition Arena

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