Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FEI Dressage Educative Event 2014 on 29 April - 2 May at Horseshoe Point Pattaya, Thailand

Programme Directors of FEI Dressage Educative Event Pilot Project 2014 
(left) Larasati Gading as Tutor Coach ; (right) Alison King HKG as Tutor Judge

The last session of FEI Dressage Educative Event 2014 in Southeast Asia region was held last week (29 April - 2 May) at Horseshoe Point Pattaya in Thailand. As part of the FEI Solidarity, the pilot programme was planned to conduct the research in 4 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to find the long-lasting solution for the development of dressage athletes, coaches and judges as a whole. 

During the training session

Riders get to learn how to make it right while the Coaches learn how to give instruction

At the competition day, Judges are in position.

Each rider is given the test suited to his/her level.

After competition ends, our Tutor Coach goes right into the arena to give comments to each Coach/Rider combination

Combined session with Coaching & Judging - comments and hearings from both sides

Programme directors with TEF Manager Nara Ketusingha (far left) and Tor Chalermcharn Yotviriyapanit, TEF Dressage Chairman (3rd from left)

Tutor Judge "Alison King" from Hong Kong and Tutor Coach "Larasati Gading" from Indonesia were assigned as the project directors of this programme. We all appreciate their dedication and hard work and are thankful for the useful knowledge given to our local judges, coaches, parents and the riders. 

We really look forward to attending the next session in near future!


Participants of FEI Dressage Educative Event 2014
Horseshoe Point Pattaya, Thailand

As Judge
1. Phakin Chamswad
2. Nelly Khov
3. Dittagorn Pantapa
4. Weerapat Pitakanonda
5. Marina Andrukh
6. Ellen Ryan
7. Margrit Hoffmann
8. H. Rick Albertson

As Coach
1. Kiattippom Kleepklang
2. Pakinee Pantapa
3. Korawij Devahastin na Ayudhya
4. William Thanakorn Scorpion
5. Bandith Jadphon
6. Sara Uggelberg
7. Peter Akesson
8. Anna Critchlow
9. Chaiyaphan Pongkoh
10. Thongsri Keangboontod

As Rider
1. Pakjira Thongpakdi
2. Suphakamol Vuntanadit
3. Suphajit Vuntanadit
4. Supasin Kongpun
5. Larinsa Nandhabiwat
6. Tuula Kosonen
7. Siraputt Minanandana
8. Apisada Bannagijsophon
9. Pawarisa Thongpradup
10. Kamon Duangthip
11. Supanut Wannakool
12. Woraphat Sittiju

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