Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Horsemove's New Website is set to be launched next week!

From the love of horses and equestrian sports, HorseMove Thailand was formed in late 2010 among best friends in horse riding community and various professionals in horse industry.

HorseMove Thailand strives to be the center of communication for Equestrian lovers in Thailand. We regularly share the latest movements of Equestrian community within Thailand and around the world. 

As we are thriving to go global, in 2014, we carefully put together our newly-designed website which is set to launch in May 2014. The new website features many new improvements designed for better archives and includes various functions that allow the future add-ons for database collection. 

So far, HorseMove Thailand has proved itself a very successful website among riding community locally and internationally. 

HorseMove Thailand is happy to welcome any prestigious sponsors who would like to partner with us to promote equestrian sports and our riding community as a whole.  For any further details about the sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

Now we bring you an exclusive review of our new websites before its official launch next week!




Category view of major keyword search and short cut to different functions including event calendar, archives (since 2010), and the option to subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss any news updates!






 Others (Knowledge, Veterinary, etc.)

 Sponsor (Promotion & Advertisement)



Combined event reviews, competition results, photo album, map, etc.


See you real soon!

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