Friday, October 14, 2011

Competition Schedule: B.Grimm Show Jumping & Derby Show Jumping 2011


The B.Grimm Show Jumping & Derby Show Jumping 2011 will be on from 22-23 October at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club

In this event, Thailand Equestrian Federation invited "Paul Weier"-- the legendary rider of the World's Show Jumping history -- back to Thailand where he has been contributing to the development of  Thai equestrianism and Asia region for over 2o years. 

Next weekend, Paul Weier will be the Head Course Designer of the Derby Show Jumping ring, where he firstly invented and co-designed with Col. Fuangvich Aniruth-Deva here at Thai Polo Pattaya since 2008.

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B.Grimm Show Jumping & Derby 2011 @Thai Polo Pattaya



Paul Weier on Wulf at the Munich Olympics 1972. Photo from Showjumping Nostagia.


Paul Weier, a Swiss  champion rider, was born on December 3, 1934 in Zürich. He rode at four Olympic Games:
- Rome 1960 on Centurion
- Tokyo 1964 on Satan III 
- Mexico City 1968 on Wildfeuer
- Munich 1972 on Wulf  

At Munich Olympic, Paul reached his best Olympic result and the Swiss team was placed fifth.

Interesting Video via Ecuestre de Puerto Rico:

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