Monday, May 9, 2011

Competition Schedule : The RBSC Polo Club Open on 20-22 May 2011

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1)  If a rider and horse combination (same rider on same horse) enters for more than one dressage classes, the two classes shall not be more than a level apart 
2)  Only ponies are allowed to compete in the Dressage Introductory class
3)  Dressage Preliminary class prizes will be separate for “Pony” and “Horse” categories
4 Time schedule is subject to change as according to the number of entries for each class
5)  For “Team” class, teams shall be formed and names of team members be submitted to the Cashier at the Administration Room at Ring 4 prior to the Class

Contact Information
Khun Arporn 
Tel: 02-2526731 ext. 172, 02-2530047
Fax: 02-2535389

For competition details, application and test, click here 

For information about the Polo Club, visit

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