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HMT Exclusive Interview with Sai Jaruporn Limpichati, SEAGAMES2013 Silver Medalist

SEA GAMES 2013 Silver Medalist in Individual Show Jumping

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Jaruporn Limpichati, you can call me “Sai.” I am now a Sophomore at International College for  Sustainability Studies at Srinakharinwirot University.

How did you start riding? 
I’ve been riding since 8 years old. It all started when I follow my sister “Sammy” (Passaraporn Limpichati) and cousins to do horse riding at the Royal Horse Guard Riding Club in Bangkok (HG). Now I am 20, so it is like 12 years involving with the horse and riding sports.

How does your family support you in horse riding? When did you move from riding to becoming an athlete? What are their expectation?

The love of horses and horse riding came from my older generations - my grandfather to my mother and most of uncles and aunties. Until now, every little kids in the family still love horse riding. Horse riding is to me some kind of family tradition already.   It was when I was 9 years old that I started going to competition. I was inspired by other cousins who were all competing. We were given all kinds of support from our family to compete. There were no such thing as expectation for winning, medals, prizes or any kinds. They just want us to be good athletes -- mainly to know the spirit of sports (whether we win or lose) and to spend quality times to make ourselves enjoy and being healthy. 

Sai in action with the borrow horse Just a Snip

Sai and her mother Nopsiri Limpichati during the Prize-giving Ceremony at the SEA GAMES 2013

Your career path & your future goal in equestrian?

I have been competing in show jumping for quite some times and winning or losing is normal. I've never had my own horse before since nobody does at HG. Some periods I get to ride one horse regularly. Some times I change horses every other day. That, actually, is a real benefit to me. This way of riding practice prepared me for the borrowed horse competition which was set in the recent SEA Games in Myanmar.  My future goal in equestrian is to have my own horse (which I just got one very recently) and I hope to work together with my horse to move our level up to the top within Thailand. And hopefully in the future being able to compete in international level like another SEA Games or Asian Games. The Olympics might be a bit too far to reach at the moment.

We heard that your sister also involves in equestrian sports but not the athlete side. She's studying Veterinarian, how did she help or contribute in your equestrian career.

My sister, Sammy, who's now studying the final year in Veterinarian department at Chulalongkorn University, also loves horses and horse riding and always support me to do this sport. We often discuss about our horses and horse riding in general. My sister’s dream is to become a certified FEI Veterinarian. She will of course be the vet for my horse too. So we will work together soon!

What do you think are the 3 most important qualities to become successful in horse rider career? 

To me, it’s not so easy to become successful in horse riding career and what you need is pretty much the Passion, Patience and good Finance. You really have to love the sport because you'll spend lots and lots of time riding, practicing and taking care of your horse, which means at least 2-3 hours everyday. One thing you can't deny is that it takes “two” (you and your horse) to reach to the top and that's when the money comes crucial in sports. Equestrian sports is expensive, and so the top quality horse is. Anyway I tell myself to go as far as I can with my own circumstances. Try my best of whatever I've got.

Victory Lap for the Individual Competition

Is this your first international scene riding for the Thai flag? What do you plan to do next? 

This is actually my second time to compete under the Thai flag as I was in the Thai jumping squad competing in individual class at CSIY-B Bangkok 2013 last February.  However, the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar is the first real International Games. Prior to the SEA Games, I had to compete through over 10 rounds of very tough National selection which I finished as the number one rider! That made me really proud of myself. 
For the next step of my equestrian career, I hope to be able to do well on my own horse as well as on borrowed horse and to move up to top level both nationally and internationally. 

What do you learn from SEA Games, especially the Borrow Horse competition?

From 27th SEA Games, I learned that “Team Work” is very important. Four of us in the team (Siengsaw, Supanut, Supap and myself) have wonderful friendship, all comes with great love and trust. We know that we would do anything for the sake of the team and the country. Having full team support and all the trusts from our coach, I could ride with great confidence in this borrow horse competition.  
At the end, the team spirit brought us home the 2 winning medals from SEA Games 2013, a Team Bronze and an Individual Silver.
Team Bronze for Thailand; (from left) Supanut Wannakool, Siengsaw lertratanachai, Jaruporn Limpichati, Supap Khaw-Ngam

Individual Medalists; (from left) Jaruporn Limpichati THA, Janine Khoo SIN, Jendry Palandeng INA


Major Equestrian Achievements

2013 :
  • 27th  SEA Games, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar -  Silver medalist for Individual Show Jumping & Bronze medalist for Team Show Jumping
  • 40th University Games, Bangkok - Bronze medalist for Individual Show Jumping
  • Pre-SEA Game 2013 Competition, The Royal Horse Guard Riding Club, Bangkok - Winner of Individual & Team 90 cm
  • Horse Lover’s Open, Horse Lover’s Club, Pathumthani - Winner 105 cm 
  • B.Grimm Show Jumping 2013, Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, Pattaya - Team Winner 90 cm
2012 :
  • 10th Queen's Cup Show Jumping Competition at  Navamintr Queen’s Guard, Chonburi – Winner of Show Jumping 105 cm
2010 :
  • President's Cup 2010 (Thailand Championships Show Jumping Series), Horseshoe’s Point Resorts, Pattaya - Winner 80 cm
2008 :
  • BTH Super League at Trot Around Equestrian Center, Bangkok  - Winner 90 cm 
2003 :
  • Thailand Championships - 1st runner-up Beginner
Also won many more classes at Horse Guard’s Cup and other clubs’ events.


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