Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nina Ligon's Diary 26.1.11 @ Wellington, Florida

 With Tokay in XC

 Katie Prudent

Nina's Diary for HMT:

January 26, 2011 
--  I am currently in Wellington, Florida training with Katie Prudent, a World Championship Jumper. Katie has done wonders for my show jumping and Tokay, Fernhill Fearless, and Jazz King are jumping better than ever. Chai Thai had a well deserved vacation after returning from the Asian Games and is now coming back into work.

It has been sunny and warm in Florida, and we are loath to leave, but we will pack up and move to Aiken, South Carolina to begin the spring eventing season.

Our days so far have consisted of eating, riding, and sleeping. W
ill provide you more updates soon! 

Hope you all are well. XXX

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