Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking News :: Fears of the new horse virus outbreak in South Australia

ใน South Australia มีคำเตือนว่าอาจจะมีการระบาดของไวรัสตัวใหม่ในม้าซึ่งมียุงเป็นพาหะครับ

There might be a possibility of the new horse virus outbreak in South Australia.   

Reports of horses with nervous signs have originated from:
  • Along the Murray River in Victoria.
  • The southeastern region of South Australia.
  • Various locations in New South Wales, including west of the Great Divide, from Mungindi in the north to the Murray River, and a significant cluster in the Hawkesbury Valley west of Sydney, and also the Upper Hunter Valley.

As of March 30, of the 100 cases in New South Wales, around 15 have died or have had to be euthanised for animal welfare reasons.

Symptoms include:
  • A reluctance to walk.
  • A stiff gait.
  • Poor co-ordination.
  • Depression.
  • Tremors.
Owners who notice that their horses is displaying unusual signs should immediately contact their private veterinarian.

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