Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Horse's Hooves -- A New Fashion Boots?

From Horseshoes to Human Boots, this pair of Boots made its first launch at the Cheltenham Festival's 100th anniversary. Photo courtesy of Dan Glover/Press Association.

I need a Fashion Police for this! 

Not sure if any sensible people will wear a pair of these Hoof boots but just to let you know the surreal "Limited Edition" Hoof boots are another rare fashion pieces as they are made specifically for the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Cheltenham Festival, one of the greatest sporting occasions of the racing calendar with over £2 million pounds in Prize Money offer

This Hoof boots will definitely make us look like Mr Tumnus  in Narnia Movie!!

The imitation hoof itself is made out of carbon fibre and the legs use 5,000 individual horsehairs to complete the look. The zip-up boots, commissioned by Betfair, the online betting exchange, come in either ankle or knee-length. 

Coming up this week (15-18 March), Cheltenham Festival will be greeting their visitors by various models wearing the Hoof boots!! Hope to bring you some more coverages/photos from the events afterwards, so stay tuned!  

By the way, the limited edition boots only go on sale at the festival and cost a startling £1,300 per pair. 

Too bad, our Thai fans can't get to try on the boots. 

I would love to......if I can!!  ;)

The imitation hooves are made from real horse hair and cost £1,300 per pair. The revenue from selling these boots will go to charity. Photo courtesy of Dan Glover/Press Association.



Cheltenham Festival is hosted inside the Cheltenham Racecourse located at Prestbury Park, on the outskirts of the English town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Cheltenham is called the “Home of National Hunt racing”, largely because it hosts the four-day Cheltenham Festival, held in March of each year and featuring the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

For the Racing fans who would like to know more about the Cheltenham Racecourse,  click here

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