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HMT On The Move by Truemove : SEA Games 2011 Report 21.11.11 The Show Jumping Showdown

SEA Games 2011 Report 21.11.11

<<<Show Jumping Individual Final & Unofficial Results>>>

The Three Winners of SEA Games 2011 Jumping Individual: (left to right) Silver medalist - Antoinette Leviste PHI; Gold medalist - Diego Lorenzo PHI; and Bronze Medalist - Ardi Hapsoro Hamidjojo INA).

Unofficial Results

1. Diego Lorenzo PHI & Grace 292  0+0+0 = 0 pen (jump-off)
2. Antoinette Leviste PHI & Magic  0+0+4 = 4 pen (jump-off)
3. Ardi Hapsoro Hamidjojo INA & Zandor 1+0 = 1 pen
4. Montakant Nuanmanee & Forban Du Thot 4+11 = 15 pen
5. Sharmini Christina Ratnasingham MAS & Lansinni 8+8 = 16 pen
6. Munsika Piyavidtayakarn & Zaragazza 22+4 = 26 pen
7. Muhammad Nabil Fikri Bin Ismail MAS & Urgola 13+13 = 26 pen
Andry Prasetyono INA & Lund Star - Eliminated


SEA Games 2011 Jumping Individual Final Course.

The Course Designer Interview - Mr. Olaf Petersen.


Jumping Individual Final Round 1:

 The first rider Andry Prasetyono INA. Unfortunately he was eliminated afterwards.

Ardi Hapsoro THA got only 1 time fault in R1.

Now it's the turn of our Thai rider Boom Montakant THA.

View from behind.

Boom did show her best round with only 1 rail down. 

Diego Lorenzo PHI had a clear round in R1.

Nabil Ismail MAS had 13 faults.

Sharmini Christina MAS finished at 8 faults.

Fai Munsika THA got 22 faults from R1.

Tony Leviste PHI with her faultless round.



Jumping Individual Final Round 2:

The two coaches, Andrew Hoy and Kru Pui, gave instructions ahead of the Second round.

Fai Munsika THA came in first.

Fai took only 4 faults in R2.

Nabil MAS added up 13 more faults in R2.

Sharmini MAS also took 8 faults in this round.

Boom Montakant THA in R2.

Boom took 11 faults. 

Ardi Hapsoro INA went all clear in R2. 

Diego PHI in R2 all clear.

Jump-off between the Two Philippines Riders:

Diego came in with confidence.

And here he went all clear again!

Tony was ready to jump!

She finished the Jump-off with 1 rail down. 

After the Show:

Boom and the team; (left to right) Kietnarong Klongkarn, Boom's mother, Boom and Maj.Gen Kiattikun Sudhirak.

Khun Harald Link giving speech in Thai Rider's Party.

We've done it!!! Cheers!!!!

Andrew Hoy showed appreciation to Thailand federation and riders, and also suggested Thai riders to prepare for Asian Games, starting from tomorrow!!

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